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Welcome to the Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento! Our mission is to assure fairness and access to justice under the law for all. Toward that end, the contents of this website are designed to better understand the interactions of Ukrainian and Russian immigrants with our Court as well as introduce our court system to new users.

Learning Center

We hope you will explore the Learning Center. Characters you will recognize from the DVD will introduce each interactive resource to you.

Map Room

We invite you to electronically walk around the map room.  Here viewers can pictorially explore the boundaries of old Imperial Russia (ruled by the Tsars), the ex-USSR (governed by the Communist Party) and the now independent countries that were once republics of the USSR.
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Time Line

We have created an interactive historical timeline of Ukraine and Russia over the last 1,200 years.  Please come and investigate their pasts!
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Phrase Book

From here, you can open the phrase book and practice 15 short, basic phrases in English, Ukrainian and/or Russian.  You will learn that Ukrainian and Russian, though both use the Cyrillic alphabet, are often quite different.
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Sacramento Info

This page contains links to and information about local sites related to the contents of this project. More...

Justice (Правосудие)
In America

Watch the video

Viewers can follow the story of the fictitious Tischenko family in its dealings with the Court.  Weaving in and out of the story line are interviews that shed light on the challenges and strains many immigrant families face as they struggle to adapt to life in Sacramento, as well as their fears of the justice system. Watch it...

Related Sites

This site contains links to and information about resources useful to those interested in learning more about the patterns and process of Ukrainian and Russian immigration to the U.S. and, specifically, to California. More...


This glossary contains over 50 phrases and words used in this project (e.g., immigrant vs. emigrant, Cold War, Bolshevik, Cyrillic, glasnost, perestroika). More...


This site presents several documents to help the reader better understand life in the U.S. for immigrants from Ukraine and Russia. More...

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